Sm SysTems provide business nationally & internationally with only the best in kitchen extractor canopies / hoods and kitchen extractors. Having unpleasant smells or smoke in your restaurant is the last thing you want when your pat

EXTRACTOR FANS Ducting goes hand in hand with the extractor fans that are connected to the ducting system to enable the extraction or supply to materialize.  Extractor fans are key in the ducting extraction or supply systems as ducting is the

Industrial Extracting Systems Sm SysTems design, manufacture and install absolute extracting systems in the industries to ensure that smoke in the working place is extracted outside.   Areas of concentration are: Welding area

Extractor fans Piping Compressor piping, industrial piping, gate valves, dryers, receivers, pipe welding and drawing etc. Manufacturers of Acoustic Louvers – For Noise Control STEEL PRODUCTS:  DUCTI

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  Factory ventilation of the working place is very important for the well-being of the staff at all cost. These wall extractor/supply fans are mounted at the wall for ease of extraction and supply. Fresh air and cool air is directed to the fa