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Grilles and Diffusers

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  1. Extractor Canopies
  2. Extractor Canopies
  3. Extractor Canopies

UV Lights used in the extractor canopies to burn-out fat that is generated from grilling meat. This unit is so helpful to keep your ducting system clean from fat and your leaking duct avoided. The unit burns fat to a powdery substance, only powder is blown out through your fan instead of fat.

Wall Kitchen Extractor Canopies/Hoods both in Galvinised OR Stainless Steel: manufactured, supplied & installed:

  1. Wall Kitchen Extractor Canopies/Hoods
  2. Wall Kitchen Extractor Canopies/Hoods
  3. Wall Kitchen Extractor Canopies/Hoods
  4. Wall Kitchen Extractor Canopies/Hoods
  5. Wall Kitchen Extractor Canopies/Hoods

Manufactured, supplied & installed Extractor Fans and Rain Cowls:

  1. Wall Kitchen Extractor Canopies/Hoods
  2. Wall Kitchen Extractor Canopies/Hoods
  3. New WhirlybirdStainless Steel Whirly Bird

Kitchen/Restaurant Extractor Canopies

If you are looking for a dedicated approach to quality products and service excellence in the manufacture and supply of extractor canopies and extractor fans, Sm Systems is the company for you. We use only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of our exceptionally designed extractor systems.

Focusing on the service of the hospitality industry Sm Systems supplies kitchen/restaurant extractor canopies and extractor fans to our wide network of clients.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Kitchen Extraction Systems

Cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen extraction canopy systems are done in accordance with section 16 of the Emergency Services By-Laws, Provincial Gazette No. 60 and 22 February 2006.

It must be noted that the system must be regularly cleaned, checked every after 6 months to ensure that fatty residues or any other combustible residues do not accumulate.

Ventilation / Air Conditioning and Repairs to Refrigeration

SM Systems is highly committed in supplying and installing a complete line of ventilation and air-conditioning systems for residential and light commercial markets.

The company also does general maintainance and repairs to refrigerations.

Proudly South African

Our clients use us because we are a proudly South African company and as such, take a uniquely South African pride in our work. The members of staff at Sm Systems each have more than 20 years experience in this industry and the full knowledge of that experience is dedicated to each project, because to us, every project is a priority.

No Set Price for Extractor Systems

The constant fluctuation of the price of the galvanized steel and stainless steel that we use in the manufacture our of extractor canopies means that we cannot post a standard price list for all our products here on the website. Sm Systems will, however, provide you with a free quote if you simply contact us and provide details of the product you want.

Extractor Canopy Range

  1. Galv Wall CanopyGalv Wall Canopy
  2. S/Steel Wall CanopyS/Steel Wall Canopy
  3. Box CanopyBox Canopy
  4. Galv. & S/Steel FilterGalv. & S/Steel Filter
  5. Spaza FryerSpaza Fryer
  6. Extractor FanExtractor Fan
  7. Grease / Fat TrapGrease / Fat Trap
  8. Industrial StoveIndustrial Stove
  1. Extractor CanopyExtractor Canopy
  2. Extractor CanopyExtractor Canopy
  3. Extractor CanopyExtractor Canopy
  4. Extractor CanopyExtractor Canopy
  5. Extractor CanopyExtractor Canopy
  6. Extractor CanopyExtractor Canopy
  7. Extractor CanopyExtractor Canopy
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"Professional service and a pain-free order and delivery process. Thank you Sekunjalo Metals Systems for the quick and easily accomplished results. I've dealt with many construction companies before, and wasn't expecting the swift reaction you guys gave me. Thanks."

- Dumsani Dhlamini

"Sm Systems was a great help in supplying my restaurant with extractors and ducts. I was on a tight deadline and had forgotten the extraction systems and ducting until almost the last minute. I needed quick service and, thankfully, the guys at Sm Systems complied, saving my skin!"

- Gert Van der Merwe

"I'd just like to say, thanks guys!! You really helped get things done here in my kitchen and the quality of my new fans and canopies has become more and more clear as I've been using them. Thanks again."

- Sibusiso Tshabalala

"Sm Systems is a real class act. I don't know what else to say really. You did your job and exceeded expectations. Going above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks a lot. I'd recommend you to anyone."

- Jeremy Prinsloo