SM SysTems offer the option of having your spiral ducts made at any diameter. It is not always that easy to find the correct size ducting that you need. With this method, you can easy have the exact size spiral duct to suit your need. With the importance of the air duct system to any building, it is crucial that you have the correct ducting size that you need.

We know how difficult it can be to find something you need when the size is not readily available to you. With SM SysTems, you can now have your buildings spiral ducts made for you, according to the size you need. We pride ourselves on offering convenience alongside professionalism.

With something that is as important as conveying fresh air to areas otherwise secluded from it, we understand that a need for custom spiral ducts is a growing need area. We are readily available to remedy this.

How does our spiral ducting work?

The difficulty that has been found, is that when you make a solid unit, this is generally done with a set of generalized sizes that are commonly used. With these, having one singular set made up that is of a different size can be quite difficult. With the spiral ducting technique, we can custom create a size that you need.


We found that there was a growing need in the industry for ducting that is flexible and tailor made for different sizes. This is why we decided to start supplying spiral ducting that offers the added benefit of being flexible, and the size you need. By doing so, we have opened the flood gates to a larger market that can now benefit from this.

We are proud to be able to offer ducting systems that benefit many. We offer our services with a smile. With a well trained professional team we know we will exceed your expectations and deliver a product we trust will do the job well.

With many years in the ducting industry we have honed our skill to be able to offer expert craftsmanship that delivers high quality results.

Professionals in our industry.

By being able to guarantee our work, we know that we will always deliver top class spiral ducting to any client at any time. We have built up a trust in our suppliers and work team. In doing so we know that we can promise excellence above all else.

Ducting is a precision industry where nothing other than exact is good enough. Trust a team that can deliver. Trust a team that knows ducts. A team that can look at your building or business and tell you exactly what you need beyond any doubt. We KNOW ducts. We know extractors. We know vents. We believe in our knowledge of this industry and we are good at what we do. Although we are based in Johannesburg, we can deliver anywhere in South Africa and even neighbouring countries.


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