High Quality Ducting, Extraction and Air Conditioning Equipment

Sm Systems, trading as Sekunjalo Metals Systems, are manufacturers of the highest quality restaurant and kitchen extractor systems and ducting systems. We also supply superior air conditioning as well as general repairs to refrigeration. We have earned a reputation for superior service and high quality, consistently working at building on that standard.

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

Sm Systems is an accredited member of the Construction Development Board (based in the East Rand, Gauteng). This is no mean feat, and serves as further testament to the quality of service and manufacture that we strictly adhere to.

Large Scale Extractor and Ducting Solutions

Sm Systems knows that you need prompt service without compromise on quality. Many of our clients are, themselves suppliers and installers of extractor systems and ducting systems to individuals and small chains. We need to give our clients excellent service to enable them to offer their customers the same.

Installation of Systems

Depending on the size of the installation, we offer to install the air conditioning, extractor systems, ducting systems and repairs to general refrigation.